Hey, what’s going on. It’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I want to help you rank inside of Google Maps in that top three of map pack. I want to give you some information that will help you. So I talked about credibility already. I’ve talked about completing information. The next step is we want to add information: photos, and videos. So that when people come to your listing, there’s something for them to view. They can take a look at things that you do, things that relate to your business, your services, things like that. So you want to focus on getting to 100 photos in your Google My Business listing, but you don’t just want to have photos. You want to have keyword named photos and you want to geotag those photos. So I know a lot of you will add photos to your Facebook page, which is phenomenal to do, but now you want to get those photos from your Facebook page to your Google My Business page. So go online and search for a Facebook photo downloader. Basically, what that will let you do is go to your Facebook page and download all the photos onto your laptop or your computer. You get those photos onto your laptop or your computer, and then you want to name them. You want to keyword name them. So think about your services. If you’re a carpet cleaner: “carpet cleaning city”. So in my case, it would be “carpet cleaning Cincinnati”, “carpet cleaning Covington”, “carpet cleaning Fort Thomas”. We want to keyword name all of those photos. And once we get them keyword named, we want to do an upload into Google My Business. I would recommend that you do this on a weekly basis, but at least do this on a monthly basis. Download all your Facebook photos that you’ve put in since the last upload, and then upload them into Google My Business after you keyword named them. You have to download them to a laptop or to a computer so you can go in and keyword name them and save each file before you upload them back into Google. For bonus points, you can get geotagging software to go along with that and geo-tag to your zip codes so that your image data is also geotagged. There’s a lot that goes around that says geotagging is good, geotagging isn’t good, or it doesn’t matter. It’s always better to do it than not to do it, but at least keyword name your photos, and then upload those into Google and try to do that on a weekly basis. In the worst case do it on a monthly basis, but try to be consistent in adding photos. We always recommend to try to add at least 10 photos a month after you get to that 100 because those photos give information. They show Google that you’re active inside of the listing and activity breeds relevance, and relevance is a ranking factor. So you want to make sure that you’re getting photos and then go to Facebook, get a Facebook photo downloader tool, download all those Facebook photos from your business page and upload them (after keyword naming them) to your Google My Business listing so you can get those 100 photos and continue to be successful in adding those photos. Be consistent and constant with your content. You’re going to begin to see your rankings go up so you can dominate your market, dominate Google Maps, dominate your competition. Let’s dominate.

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