Terms and Conditions

Effective: 10/01/23

Last updated: 09/18/23

What We Do 

We help businesses dominate online marketing with things like SEO, website creation, website management, website hosting, pay per click ads, email marketing, and social media depending on the level of service you choose.


No Contracts

You don’t have to sign a long-term commitment, however, if you want to stop our services, just send an email to info@dmn8partners.com 30 days before.  


Our Service Plans

  • Monthly SEO

    • This is our basic package. It helps with website SEO, website care, local business help on Google Maps, and a few other things. 
  • Monthly DMN8

    • This is like Monthly SEO, but with extras! We help with Google Ads and special Google ads that come with a guarantee. 
  • Monthly DMN8 Consulting

    • This is our best package! It has everything from the other two, plus things like commercial email marketing to property managers and commercial building owners, customer communication management, social media ads, server-side tracking, and strategy sessions.



Every month, the credit card we have on file for your company will be billed for the service you asked us to provide.  If the card is rejected, you have 7 days to correct the billing issue.  After 10 days, we will suspend all services, including hosting, until this billing issue is corrected.


Changing Plans

Want to switch between plans? Sure! Just tell us. However, you can’t downgrade, then cancel within the next 90 days.  If you do, your final payment will be based on the service we were providing before the downgrade. All changes must be emailed to info@dmn8partners.com.



Sorry, we can’t give money back for any of our services.


Website Changes/Additions

All website pages added to your website will incur a one-time $99 charge.  Any changes to the website (photos, phone number, forms, etc.) or integrations added will incur a one-time charge $50 plus $5 for each photo to be changed. All changes and additions must be emailed to info@dmn8partners.com.