What’s going on, it’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. Want to talk to you a little bit more about Google Maps and you need to do to rank your Maps listing at the top of the map pack. This is an easy one, simple, easy as pie. Are you ready? Get reviews! You already know that though. You already know you need to get reviews. But go get reviews, ask every customer multiple times to get reviews. What we do for our customers is we give them a review tool that they can use to text and email. And then that tool gently nudges that customer to ask them for reviews on a consistent basis. We know that reviews are one of the top three ranking factors with Google Maps, and so we make sure that reviews are constant and consistent, and we give our customers tools to be able to use those things, to be able to use those items. So if you want to be successful in getting your maps listing to rank at the top of the pack in that top three, get reviews. “Well, how many reviews should I get?” As many as you possibly can. “But I got a hundred!” Well get 200. “Well, I got 200!” Well get 300. Then you should be asking your customer to review your service. Ask them: “Can you put the service that I performed for you in the review? So customers know what I did.” But if they don’t, the other thing is you want to reply to every single review and you want to use keywords in those replies. “Thank you so much for using our pressure washing services. We appreciate your business. Keep in mind, we also do gutter cleaning house, washing and roof cleaning if you ever need those services in the future.” I just put in 4 keywords just like that and it doesn’t sound rehearsed. What I would do is create 10 to 20 different responses and just keep those responses handy. Once a week, respond to reviews and copy/paste into that. If I have 20 different responses, they’re not going to see that I’m copying and pasting. They’re going to read and it’s going to look like I’m really taking the time to respond to my reviews. If you don’t want to do that than sit down and respond to each review individually, who cares, just put keywords into them. You put keywords into those review responses, you’re going to help yourself out even more than just the review. Be successful by getting reviews. First of all, it helps other customers choose you when they see your listing because you have reviews from customers. Don’t get caught up on only having five star reviews. Google knows that’s bullshit. We know it is, you know it is. You don’t please everybody. You please a lot of people, but not everybody. In fact, Google only wants you to have a 3.7 or higher rating. That’s all that matters over 3.7, that rating doesn’t matter. So be successful in getting reviews. Take care of your customers and reviews will take care of themselves, but just get reviews. Ask, ask, ask, and worst case, use a tool to get reviews. The more reviews you get the better off you’re going to be. The closer you’re going to get to being at the top of that pack so that when someone searches for your services, boom, your listing shows up. You get a call, you make money, take it to the bank, and you get to eat for another day. So if you want to eat for another day, get reviews so you can rank in Maps listing. Let’s dominate.

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