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Content, content, content, content, it’s what makes or breaks you with a strategy for digital marketing, but the problem is you’re too busy running your business, doing the things that you need to do to make your business successful. What’s a person to do? What’s a business owner to do? Well, you must come up with a content marketing plan and that plan must make sense inside of your daily activities. A lot of us have good intentions. We know we need to produce content, but just not as motivated as we need to be, but I’m telling you, content is what’s going to make your digital marketing strategy be successful. So, knowing that we must come up with a plan, we must come up with a content marketing plan that works. It’s very similar to working out or eating right. It’s all about the discipline and getting yourself into a habit to make the content marketing plan work.

Here is a content marketing plan for you. If you implement this and you take maybe 20, 30 minutes out of your day, you can begin to produce multiple pieces of content all over the various social media platforms so that you stay engaged because content is what’s going to engage your audience, build your audience and help to make your business more money.

Let me show you how this works and how you can implement it into your business.  The beginning of this content marketing strategy starts with going live on Facebook.  This is the best start for this content marketing process. If you’re a service business owner in Cincinnati or anywhere in the United States, you will be going live on a job site showing the things that you’re going to be completing, showing the things that needs your service, showing the reason(s) why a customer would hire you to be there.

You just go live on video. It’s that simple. Pull your phone out, pull up your Facebook account and go live. Go live on your business page. You will want to go live for five, six, 10 minutes, enough time that you can provide something useful and let your audience build. Talk to your audience, communicate with your audience, but know that this is the first piece of the platform of building your content marketing for the day. Once you complete that live, you can go into your Facebook page and open that video up.

On the right top corner, you’re going to click the three buttons or the three dots. And when you click those three dots, it’s going to give you an option to download the mp4 file.  Now you have a video file, and from that video file you’re going to use an online transcription service. Rev.com comes to mind. But if you google transcription service or video transcription, there’s multiple ones out there. You can find some that are really, cheap.  Just might take a little bit longer to complete.  Use whatever is going to work best for you.  Get the transcript of that video. Now you have your Facebook live, you have an mp4, and you have a transcript. What you do is you take that mp4 and download it into YouTube and use the transcript for the description.

Hopefully, in your transcript you’ve used keywords related to your business. That’s what we want to see, with YouTube. Those tags can then be placed to denote your keywords.  Okay, so we have a Facebook live, we have a YouTube video.  We take that same video and transcript and we’ll go over to LinkedIn and we post the video and the transcript. Obviously, you can edit it, so it makes sense when read. Now we have three pieces of content, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. We take that same video and transcript post to our blog.  That’s four pieces of content.  Amazing, right? Take that video, make sure it meets Instagram’s standards (I suggest doing an image if it’s longer than Instagram allows), and you load that video on Instagram and in your description, use some of that content to provide that description.

We’re at five pieces of content now!  Grab the link from your website where that blog is posted. Go over to Twitter and under 140 characters, which is what twitter is going to require, you’re going to link back to the website blog. That’s 6 pieces of content!  We have content posted on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, your website, Instagram and Twitter. One final thing you can do is take that video and that blog, go back to your business page, post both together later in the day, and then share that out to your personal page. Have friends and family members share it out to their personal pages and begin to expand your reach. I’ve given you seven pieces of content to use on multiple platforms and that type of content continuously being produced all from one live video that took you eight, nine, 10 minutes to produce is what’s going to help to improve your engagement, expand your audience and grow your bank accounts.

You see you just must have a content marketing plan, and this gives you a way to produce content for multiple platforms so that you can begin to dominate content, dominate the engagement, dominate your audience and begin to see the proof as your revenues began to grow. So, my friends, here’s what you do. Go to your calendar. Set a calendar reminder for a time in the day where you know you’re going to be at a customer’s property – let’s use 9, 10, 11 AM. Set a notification that reminds you to go live and then go live. That live video is what’s going to start this whole domino effect for you to produce effective content on a consistent, continuous basis.

Go get your calendar notifications set up and then commit to producing content. If you follow this content marketing plan, you’re going to see huge improvements in everything across the board related to digital marketing. You’re going to see your lead flow increase. You’re going to see your revenues begin to improve because of the work that you put in with engagement. So, I challenge you! Implement this content marketing plan today.

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