Hey, what’s going on, It’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I’m going to help you rank in the top three of Google Maps. Today I want to give you two quick tips, two things you can do right now, to improve your ranking, almost immediately. First, go get 10 reviews. Go ask your customers right now to give you reviews and ask enough of them to get 10. Go grab the link from inside your Google My Business profile, send it via text. That’s the best way to send it. If you have a cell phone number for them, if you don’t email it, if you have both then send both. Send it via text and ask them for a review of your services. It’s always best to ask right when you’re asking for payment or right when you’ve completed the job. But either way, ask for a review, getting 10 in the next couple of days can really catapult your rankings. “That’s too many reviews to get a one time” – says who? There is no Google wizard who knows all. I’ve seen my businesses getting 20 to 25 reviews in a week and not do anything negative in terms of hurting your listing or suspending your listing. So, whoever tells you that is crazy. Go get reviews, go get 10 reviews, and then respond to those reviews using keywords related to your services. Respond to the reviews. That’s important, right? Number two. You can do this in a couple of different ways, but go check your citations. Go check and see how many citations you have. For our customers, we try to get them to 350 citations quickly. It takes some time though, because number one: you have to add them, number two: they have to be accepted, and then number three: they have to actually show up in the search rankings (which there’s a few ways to manipulate that). I can’t give away all my secrets, but that’s something you want to do quickly and you want to make sure that your NAP (your name, address, phone number) matches exactly what your Google Maps listing is. So if you go do that right now and begin to work on gathering those citations along with gathering those reviews, when completed, you will see a definite improvement in your ranking. So what does that tell you going forward? Get reviews! It’s one of the top ranking authorities that you can do and tells Google that you are a credible business. And when you respond to them, it shows the public that you are credible as well. Credibility is a huge ranking factor along with relevance and proximity. So go get reviews, go build citations, let’s dominate.

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