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You came here because you’re looking to grow your business!  Make more money! DMN8 your market!


Great news!  I wrote a book to help you do just that – actually a book that outlines the process and activities you need to complete in the next 90 days to grow your business.

Some of you probably have heard my story, but for those who haven’t, I built a pressure washing/window cleaning business to over 7 figures annually in 5 years (2017) before selling to a national buyer in August 2018.


While the strategies I used to go from a couple hundred thousand in revenue to over 7 figures annually required large dollar investments in marketing and operations, the first 2-3 years were much humbler.


How did I do it? 🤷‍♂️




I want to help you grow your service business to that $200k+ level in annual revenue. So, I wrote a book that outlines the activity I did on a daily basis to take a business from $0 to over $250k in annual revenue in those first 2 1/2 years.


The book is titled “Dominate Your Market in 90 Days” and it’s a step by step by guide to grow your revenue.

This book will help you achieve your goals and to assist you, I’m providing complete access to any form, script or plan mentioned in the book included!

Each book purchase will get access to a new Facebook group I created just for this book. The group will provide the above-mentioned resources but also accountability to help you crush your goals!


This isn’t an e-book or download. This is a paperback book that you can hold in your hands. It will become your daily bible to help you grow your business!

Let’s DMN8‼️