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It’s the one thing that determines your business’ success and will ultimately make your digital marketing campaigns successful.

But first, you have to come up with a strategy to produce that content. Let me give you some tips and techniques that we use to develop content. We’re not just going to sit around all day and brainstorm to write content and to push content out. We’ve got to come up with ideas quick and we must get that content produced. Same way for your business.

A couple of things that you can do to develop content.

First one is read, read, read, read. What do you read? What is it that you need to read? Join Facebook groups, join Facebook pages and like Facebook pages. Find content related to your industry. There is a ton of it out there. Regardless of what your industry is, you just have to find it. Another place is Google. You can set google alerts for keywords related to your industry and you can see articles and pieces that relate to those keywords. Another place that we look is YouTube. Again, search YouTube. For the keywords related to your business and watch those videos.

As you begin reading and watching, you’re going to want to start making notes. You want to make notes of the things that are engaging to you, that helped you to react so that you can then begin to develop content that will help to engage your audience and help them react.

After you have all these sources of content now you have to produce the content. What I want to help you with is taking that and then developing it into acceptable content to use in your content production process. The best piece of advice that I can give you is to use rules of three, five or even seven. And what do I mean by that? Well, come up with three points or five tips or seven ideas in your content piece and then you want to deliver value related to that theme.

For instance, in this content piece that I’m producing for you, I’m helping you to produce content. My first tip or my first idea is where you can go find that content, places that I gave you to find that content. My second idea is how to then take that content and begin to make notes so that you can begin to prepare your content, and then the third tip or idea that I’m providing you is then to make your list of three, five, or seven. That’s the same thing that you can do with your business. Find the sources as you read or watch, make notes, develop ideas, and then come up with three, five, or seven. The world works a lot better with three, five, or seven. You have a balance of sorts that comes with providing three, five or seven in a list.

For example, Let’s say you’re doing a video to engage your audience. You want to give them three ways, for instance, that they can help to keep their windows cleaner longer or you may want to give them five ways to help to prevent stains on their carpet. Those types of things are of interest to your audience and if you use the correct keywords in your content, then you’re going to draw those customers in as they’re doing searches or as they’re looking for pieces related to those things that they need when they are searching. So, if you produce a piece of content about five ways to prevent stains on your carpet, the next time that someone searches in Google or in YouTube to help to prevent stains, you have a good chance of that content piece being promoted in the search rankings if you did the work necessary to help to optimize that piece of content.

BUT if you never produced that content, you’re never going to have the opportunity for it to be seen or found anywhere.

Let’s Recap.

1) Where can you find content? Facebook pages, YouTube channels, use Google alerts.
2) After you find it, watch it, read it, take notes of things that are engaging and interesting to you.
3) Finally, develop a plan of three, five, or seven; three tips, five ideas, seven techniques.

Use that process in developing your content and I guarantee you’ll begin to dominate your content. Then you’ll begin to dominate your market and then you can begin to dominate your business. Salvo Media specializes in helping businesses DOMINATE their market, grow their business and find new customers. CLICK HERE to see how we can help your business DOMINATE!