Hey, what’s going on, it’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners and I want to help you rank in Google maps. So we talked a little bit about reviews already, but I want to talk about reviews some more, because reviews are very important. First of all, you want to try to be getting keyword named reviews, but if a customer doesn’t provide a keyword name review, when you reply, you should add keywords to your response (and you should be responding to every review). “Well, Gary, I haven’t started responding yet. Should I go back and respond to my past reviews?” Yes, you should go do that now. Getting reviews is very, very important. What we would do with our crews is, we made it a game. First of all, we paid our crew leader $25 for any five star review that they received for the week. Whoever received the most five star reviews for the week, would get a hundred dollars bonus cash. It’s a great way to create some competition among our crews, but it was also a great way to get reviews. We had two listings with almost 150 5-star reviews each and our rating was 4.9 on both listings. So you have to make it part of the fabric of your company. I’m gonna give you a couple of ways to improve review acquisition.

Number one: if you don’t have one, get a review acquisition tool. We provide all of our customers who don’t have a review acquisition tool with a review acquisition tool. With the tool we provide, you can submit a review request to customers via text and email (and text is very important). The reason why is, when you submit via text, it goes to their phone. And if they have an Android, they’re using a Google email address as their primary email. If they have an iPhone, I think it’s something like 75% of iPhone users use a Gmail address as their primary email on their iPhone. That means when they click on that link, they are going to their Google account to provide a review for you. If you sent it to an email and it’s not a Gmail, you may or may not get that review on Google with our tool. It’s still going to capture it, try to push it to Facebook but you want to at least text as well. So number one, get a review acquisition tool with the tool we use, it’ll share to social your website, etc. You can set it up to do it automatically, or you can not do it automatically. The second thing you want to do is, you want to create a culture where you’re always asking for reviews. Just like we did, have a competition. Pay your crew leaders for five star reviews, get five star reviews into their brain. They should have a talk off at the beginning of a service and at the end of a service that talks about reviews and how they get compensated based on reviews. And then, if you want, do a weekly competition (don’t do a monthly because that’s too far out to track) and maybe give away a gift card somewhere or cash like we did. Whatever is going to motivate your team to get reviews. Finally, one thing I would do is create a QR code and put it on a laminated piece of paper and give one to each of your crew members. That way when they go to somebody’s house, “Hey, do you have your phone? Take out your camera, open up this QR code, give us a review, and I will take $X off your service.” It doesn’t have to be crazy $10 or $20. “Oh my God. Google doesn’t want you to pay for reviews!” Sure. Get reviews. The more options you have to get reviews, the better off your listing is going to be, the better off you’re going to rank, so you can dominate your competition. So give those crew leaders a QR code laminated on a piece of paper and, when they present the invoice, show them that QR code and provide a discount if they provide a review right there. If they don’t provide a review, don’t provide the discount, but it is a way to gain more reviews for your listings.

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