Hey, what’s going on. It’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I want to help you rank at the top of Google Maps. So here’s a way to rank in other service areas or nearby service areas inside of your maps area, your geographical maps area. So let’s say inside your 10 mile radius, you have six, seven, eight cities or towns or villages or subcities, whatever you want to call them. I live in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Cincinnati is the Metro area and it holds a lot of the area in terms of its city name, but there’s also small little towns and villages related to zip codes, probably very similar to where you live. So for instance, I live in Independence, Kentucky. There’s also Villa Hills, KY, Edgewood, KY, Union, KY. Those are all cities that I want to show up in Maps. What I would do or what I will do or what I should do, if I’m you, is I would build out service location pages on my website, add location, schema, ad creation, schema (there’s a couple other different schema code to add) and then link those pages internally to my regular service page, to my homepage, and to my Google maps URL. Here’s why: Adding a service location page, for instance, if I do pressure washing and I create a Independence, Kentucky pressure washing page, and then I link back to my Google Maps URL, I link to my homepage, I linked to my pressure washing service page. I do the schema that I discussed the location, creation, etc. There’s a few other schema codes to do. I do all of that. Then I submit those sites via Search Console and submit the site map to update Google. Then very, very soon, those pages are going to begin to show up in the search algorithm. Very much so that it’s potential that you’re going to rank on the first page for those pages that you created, especially if you continue to create content and link back to them. Not only are you going to rank on the first page, but a ranking factor in Google Maps is SEO. So if you have strong SEO and it’s linking back to your Google maps URL, you are going to rank. So go and create service location pages. Do that, do that now! Make sure that you’re adding schema, you’re creating or adding the correct titles and descriptions and the correct headings, and setting that page up correctly, but go do it. Link back to Maps, link to your homepage, link to your service page and watch that began to show up in your search rankings for “pressure washing city name” or “service + city name”. Get those made, get the site map submitted, and watch your rankings grow and begin to dominate your market. Let’s DMN8.

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