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As part of your membership to the PWMCA, DMN8 Partners provides a FREE snapshot ($75 value) of your online footprint – an x-ray of your digital marketing activities.  

This snapshot reviews, analyzes and grades the following items:


Directory Listings – The snapshot researches your listings on available directories and returns a score based on being present and accurate. 


Online Reviews – The snapshot analyzes your reviews online and provides a score based on number and average score.  There is a comparison to comparison to others in your market.


Social Media – The snapshot reviews your social media accounts and provides a score based on content produces and engagement.


Website – The snapshot reviews your website and determines any areas that need corrected for search engine optimization.


Pay Per Click – The snapshot analyzes your pay per click efforts and determines its effectiveness based on top keywords for your business.


SEO – The snapshot determines if consumers can find you in search and provides an analysis to your competitors.


This snapshot is FREE ($75 value) but what are you going to do about it?


The good news is DMN8 Partners provides a 30-minute consultation with one of our specialists to talk about the options available to fix these issues.  


The options range from DIY or we can do it for you.  The goal is to have you DOMINATING your market quickly and continually.

DMN8 Partners will get you the snapshot within 1 business day and then we can schedule the consultation.