Hey, what’s going on, it’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I want to help you rank in Google Maps. So I want to give you a quick tip on what you can do when you’re trying to rank in some of those nearby zip codes that maybe you just aren’t ranking in. Now, Google is only going to give you so much of a radius. Proximity is a ranking factor, and Google is only going to give you so much of a radius where you’re strong unless there’s no competition or everyone in your market doesn’t do the things that they need to be doing. But for the most part, most people are doing the things that they need to be doing and unless you live in an area where there is limited competition, this will help you move into a couple of nearby areas. You’re not going to rank 50 miles away by doing this, but you will rank, or help to improve your ranking in certain zip codes where you’re nearby but don’t quite have the ranking juice. So what you want to do is you want to go into your Google My Business profile, you want to click on services, and in services (hopefully you have services already completed, but if you don’t go ahead and complete services with all the services that you provide) add services related to that zip code. So, for instance, if I’m a carpet cleaner and I’m located in the zip code of 41011 and a nearby zip code is 41017, I would do one of two things. I would either name the service “carpet cleaning 41017″ or “carpet cleaning Edgewood, Kentucky”. That service then begins to grab some ranking juice or ranking power. Then in the description of the service, type out your description of what that service is and include “carpet cleaning Edgewood, Kentucky” or “carpet cleaning 41017”. Do that for all the zip codes and all the services that you provide in your services. Number one, you should have services completed period, but then go back and add additional services for the zip codes and cities that are nearby that you want to rank in. Another good tip is to have a landing page on your website for those locations and that service. So to have a landing page for “carpet cleaning Edgewood, Kentucky”, and then in that description, link back to that website. Google loves interlinking between it’s Google properties, so it’s always good to do that with Google Maps. If you have a YouTube channel, then link to a video on YouTube where you talk about carpet cleaning in Edgewood. All of those items work together to build your ranking and to push not only your Google maps listing, but also that service page, forward in the search algorithm. So go update your services, complete the descriptions, add services for nearby cities, and begin to see your ranking grow right before your very eyes.

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