Hey, what’s going on, it’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I’m going to help you dominate Google Maps and rank in the top three of Google maps (in the snack pack, if you will). So here’s something you can begin to do today, right now, to assist your rankings. That is, go get your Google Maps URL. Go into your Google My Business listing, click view on maps, and when that pops up, grab that URL. Now go to a shortner, because that’s going to be a long URL and you want to see how many times it’s clicked on, and create a link for Google Maps URL. Now you have that link. We use Bitly, but you can use any shortner service that’s available. Take that Bitly link, and every time you post on social media this week (try to do it a lot) link back to your Google Maps URL. You can still link to your website and add your phone number to the post, but link back to your Google Maps URL. Why should I do that? Well, they’re social signals. Social signals are a ranking factor and allows you to begin to build those social signals. Do it everywhere you can, not just Facebook, but LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter. The only thing you can do with Instagram is create a specific website page that has all of your links (which isn’t a bad idea). If you want to see what I mean, go to my Instagram @dmn8gary, click on the link in the profile, and it’ll take you to a webpage that has all of my links that I’m interested in promoting. Linked to my book, linked to YouTube, linked to Facebook, on and on and on and on. If you want to link in Instagram to more than one link, that’s what you’re gonna have to do. But grab that URL, put it in a shortner, and then every time you post on social media, add that link to your posts. Social signals are a big ranking factor, and it’s going to help you dominate your market. Let’s dominate.

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