Hey, what’s going on, it’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I want to help you rank in Google Maps in the top three of Google Maps. So here’s a quick tip to help you understand how many calls you’re getting for your Maps listing and which calls are leads and which calls are somebody trying to help you with your Google listing. We all get those calls and those are very frustrating. So how do you know? Well, what you need to do is, go to a call tracking service and get a number. Forward it back to your regular number. Then take that number and go into your Google My Business listing. Whatever your website phone number is, you want to make that the alternate phone number. You need to keep that listed in your Google Maps listing, but you want to make it the second phone number. You want to take that call tracking number and make it the primary number. The reason is, you got to keep the alternate number so that Google will see the website phone number, match them up, then you’re okay and you won’t get suspended. But you make the tracking number the primary so that when people call you, they’re calling that primary number. If you’re using a service like CallRail, or another tracking service, it’s going to record the call. It’s going to tell you who called you. It grabs caller ID details and all that good stuff. But it allows you to be able to know what are leads and what aren’t, so you can make good decisions based upon your Google Maps listing to help you dominate your market. Let’s dominate.

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