Hey, what’s going on. It’s Gary Geiman with DMN8 Partners. I’m going to help you rank in Google Maps, at the top of Google Maps! So here’s a quick tip to utilize in pushing your rankings forward. That is, searching out local links, local backlinks. How do I find local backlinks Gary? Real simple, a couple of different ways. One, signup for local business directories and give them your Google Maps URL and website. Give them both, let them publish those. Hopefully they have an online directory and that’s where you’re publishing them. List your website first and your Google maps URL second. Another way is to sponsor a local event that has a website and provide your information. Sponsor any type of local thing that you can sponsor that has something online. Very important. Ask them, “do you have an online presence for this [event, team, etc]?” As part of your sponsorship, you want to be listed. You want your name, address, phone number, website, and Google Maps URL listed. Local backlinks are a huge ranking factor and there’s limited ones available, but you’ve got to go out and find them. You can’t just expect them to drop in your lap, they aren’t going to, and if you can build one to two local backlinks every quarter, you’re way ahead of the freaking game. Trust me. So don’t just look to sponsor things, because you think you’re getting your brand out there, use it for local links and be intelligent about it. Link back to, not always your homepage, sometimes your service page, but also link back to your Google Maps URL. Begin doing that and began to see your Google Maps ranking skyrocket to the top, so you can begin to dominate your market. Dominate Google Maps. Let’s dominate.

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