How good are our email marketing campaigns?

Pretty DANG good!

How good? See the photo!

What’s the secret sauce to a successful email marketing campaign?

Two things make up a successful email marketing campaign.

First is the list. You have to target the correct prospects or you’re sending emails blindly. We want to send email campaigns to potential buyers.

We start our campaigns by acquiring data that includes YOUR potential buyers. We then validate the list to insure deliverability into the inbox of these buyers.

Second is the subject line. Boring and unimaginable subject lines won’t get your email opened. Think about it! If you receive an email from someone you barely know or worse, don’t know, are you going to open it?

You won’t open it unless it has some type of compelling reason to open it. That’s why the subject lines need to be creative and engaging.

As an added bonus, be quick and to the point with the body of the email. No one is going to read the 2nd publication of War and Peace. 3 to 5 sentences will get your message across and provide a GREAT call to action.

We just dropped a campaign yesterday. So far 11 leads! We followed the above formula and we duplicate that formula every, single, time!

These are primarily residential and one multi-family lead with an average ticket of $400 – $500. If our client has a 50% closing rate, which he should, they will generate $2 – $3k in revenue just from these leads. I can’t imagine how many more will happen on Monday and Tuesday after property managers see their email. Additionally, we will keep emailing this same list for the next 12 months with different subject lines, content and calls to action.

Stop missing out on these types of leads!

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