2020 has been a s%#¥ show….

We provide marketing services for home service businesses and we’ve seen the gamut of one going out of business to some crushing their 2019 numbers but then a few others just maintaining their 2019 numbers.

What’s the difference?

Fortitude. Perseverance. Mindset.

We can choose to be successful or choose to fail. It’s up to you which one you want to occur.


How do you choose to fail?

Place blame. Make excuses. Whine about results.

How do you choose to succeed?

Take accountability. Develop solutions. Do work!

Instead of blaming your company’s results or failures on an invisible conspirator, realize YOU are the reason.

I owned a mortgage company for 10 years and in 2007, I closed the operation.

I blamed closing on the economy.

I blamed closing on politicians.

I blamed closing on the real estate collapse.

Did these things have something to do with closing?

Sure BUT there are companies who were closing loans before 2007 and still closing loans today.

How? Why?

Well, they made decisions that enabled them to weather the storm and be around for the long-term.

In 2004, I made a decision to maintain state licensing and not seek FHA licensing. FAIL!

If I would’ve had FHA licensing, I wouldn’t have had to close that company when I did.

I also received an offer to sell that company in early 2006, I passed on selling….

The failure of my business was MY FAULT!

So what can you do to overcome setbacks?

In the classic, Glengarry Glenross movie, Alec Baldwin gave us an edict to follow:





In most cases, this means, always be promoting your business.

I speak to a ton of business owners weekly.

When I hear anything related to revenue being down or results not being what that company’s result should look like.

My first question is….

How many signs are you putting out weekly?

The answers are usually very similar but in the range of 0-25.

I then ask, what’s your 5 around strategy?

I usually here either, they don’t have one or they trust someone in the business to be doing it that doesn’t have a vested interest.

My final question is, how often and what method are you using to contact your previous customers.

Again, the answers are very similar. They either don’t have a strategy or it’s very haphazard.

So let me give you the winning formula to overcoming lackluster results and DOMINATE your market.

1. Place a minimum of 50 signs weekly. Put them out Friday night or Saturday morning around places where large crowds will gather.

2. At every job, use my 5 around strategy to get jobs!

3. Use email, text, phone calls, and mail to communicate with your previous customers on a monthly basis.

IF these items aren’t happening consistently, along with a solid online marketing strategy, you are setting your business up for failure.

In need of someone to assist with providing signs, mailing or five arounds? Contact David Carroll with Dope Marketing


Ask him how many signs, his home service business is placing weekly?

5 x 50! Say what?

He’s not F¥<£!\G around!

Start today crushing your goals and DMN8 your market!