Is it important to post blogs on your website?

That all depends on how you define important, but I digress.

The simple answer is, yes.

However, most websites either do it wrong or not at all.

So what’s the proper process for posting blogs to your website.

1. Consistency – preferably, one blog post per week. Don’t know what to write? Use Google Trends or Google Search to determine the top searches or questions your customers are asking.

2. Don’t Sell – Telling a customer how great you are isn’t necessarily going to get Google to push your blog into the Google-sphere. Actually, you’ll probably reap the opposite. Use the blog to answer a question or provide details on a process. THEN use the last paragraph to promote your company.

3. Link Juice – Every blog post should link to the money page (home page), a service page, and your Google Maps listing. It’s also a good idea to link to a clickable phone number or get more information form. Internal links are ?to Google. Linking to Google Maps is ?+ ?‼️

4. Use Page Titles, Descriptions, and Featured Images – Make that blog post your SEO b!+[h‼️.

5. Submit – After you’ve compiled 4 or 5 good posts, use a blog submission service to submit your blog to the over 300 blog directories on the interwebs. This will expand your credibility and push your SEO into the great beyond. PLUS it might generate a couple new customers every month ?.

6. Sharing is Caring – Share to social media. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, TikTok (kidding), Snap Champ….. Just share it!

One more thing – Quit thinking about it already and write a blog post already!

Let’s DMN8!