I’m sure by now you have watched multiple pressure washing video, checked out experienced company’s social media pages, and continuously researched how to pressure wash the right way for every scenario.  I’ll admit, there’s a lot to take in with a lot of opinions.

Here’s the real and dirty about starting and owning a business.   

If you want to own a pressure washing business, or any business for that matter, you must have customers.  While it’s important to know how to do the work, it’s also important to. Know how to continuously get customers.

In 2023, there are many ways to get customers and many opinions on how to get customers for your pressure washing business.  I have put together the 5 ways I used to grow my pressure washing business into a 7-figure annual revenue business in 5 years.  Hopefully, this will give you some insight and understanding of what you need to be doing to grow your business.

Build a WordPress Website

Building a website is like opening a cool, digital store where people can visit you, but on the internet! It’s really important for your pressure washing business. Let’s talk about why and how you can create a super helpful website for people who might need your services!

Why a Website is Important

Think about this: when someone hears that you wash buildings and driveways really well, what’s the first thing they’ll do? Yep! They will try to find you online to see your work and learn more about you. If you don’t have a website, they might go to another business that does. So, having your own website is like having your own online clubhouse where people can visit and see all the cool stuff you do!

Making it Easy and Fun to Use

Your website should be easy for visitors to look around and find what they need. It should look nice and be simple to use, even on phones and tablets because lots of people use them to look for services like yours! You want to make sure they can find the answers to their questions and see pictures of the great work you do easily.

Being the Answer Hero

Your website should have lots of helpful information. Imagine someone asking, “Why do I need to wash my driveway?” Your website can have answers to this and many other questions! This is not only really helpful but it also shows everyone that you know a lot about pressure washing. It helps people trust you and think of you as the expert.

Getting People to Chat With You

Your website can help people talk to you or ask you to tell them how much it might cost to wash their house or driveway. For this, you can have little buttons and forms on your website that say things like “Talk to Us!” or “Get a Free Quote!” This way, people can click on them, fill out a little form, and ask you to contact them. And voila! You have a new friend who might need your help with pressure washing!

Remember to show off your best work and happy messages from other people you’ve helped with your washing services on your website. Pictures of before and after a washing job, or nice words from happy customers, can tell new visitors that you do a really great job!

Standout on Google Maps! 

Imagine going on a treasure hunt. You have your map, and you’re excited to find that hidden gold, right? Now, think of Google Maps as a giant treasure map where people are always hunting for awesome services like pressure washing! It’s a magical tool where you can show your business to everyone who’s looking for a pressure washing hero like yourself! Here’s how to shine bright on Google Maps!

Setting Up Your Treasure Spot (Business Profile)

Firstly, you need to create a special spot on the map – your business profile! To do this, we go to Google My Business and tell Google all about your pressure washing business. Make sure to write your business name, address, and phone number just right. If you have a website, put that in too! And hey, don’t forget to choose “Pressure Washing Service” as your category to help the treasure hunters (customers) find you easily!

Add Sparkling Photos 

You know what’s super attractive? Shiny, clean things! Upload lots of photos showing how you turn dirty places into dazzling, clean spaces with your pressure washing magic. Before and after pictures are like telling a mini-story of your adventures. People will love to see the changes and will want their places to shine just like in your pictures!

Gather Golden Reviews 

Imagine you’re choosing between two ice cream shops one has lots of happy reviews and star ratings, and the other doesn’t. Which one would you choose? That’s right! The one with the shining reviews! After you’ve helped someone make their place look fantastic, kindly ask them to leave you a little note and some stars on your Google Maps spot.

Keep the Map Alive with Posts and Updates 

Remember to tell everyone about your ongoing adventures in the world of pressure washing by making posts on your Google Maps profile! Did you get a new tool? Or did you clean a really huge, tricky spot? Share it! Regular updates tell people you’re always there, always ready to embark on the next cleaning quest.

Answer to the Call of the Curious 

Sometimes, people will have questions or messages for you on your Google Maps profile. Maybe they want to know if you can clean a castle ? or if you use eco-friendly potions.  Always be ready to answer with a smile, because every message is a new adventure waiting to happen!

Your Map, Your Kingdom 

Lastly, remember: your Google Maps spot is your own little kingdom in the digital world. Keep it bright, positive, and full of life! When people see how much you care about your spot, they will trust you to take good care of their places too!

And that’s it, my friends! By following these magical steps, you’ll be a shining star on the treasure map, guiding many adventurers to your pressure washing business! Ready to help them discover the clean, gleaming world hidden beneath the dust and dirt? Let’s go and create sparkling stories together! 

Use Yard Signs To Be Successful! 

Imagine if you could plant seeds that didn’t grow into plants but sprouted into brand-new customers! Wouldn’t that be a magical garden? Today, let’s discover the enchanting world of yard signs and how you can plant them as seeds to grow your pressure washing business into a blooming success!

Simple is Super! 

When creating your yard signs, think of them as little billboards that people will see when they are walking or driving by. Your sign doesn’t need lots of fancy words or pictures. It just needs two things: “Pressure Washing” and a phone number! ? Simplicity grabs attention, and when people see something clear and straightforward, they remember it better!

Imagine you’re zipping by on your scooter, and you see a sign that says, “Pressure Washing” with a phone number underneath. It’s easy to understand and even easier to remember, right? That’s the magic trick – simple signs plant clear seeds in people’s minds!

Put Out 50 Signs Every Week 

It might sound like a lot, but placing 50 yard signs each week is like casting 50 spells that might bring you new adventures! ? Choose places that are easy for everyone to see: busy streets, near parks, or close to stores. The more people see your signs, the more chances they have to become curious and give you a call!

Tracking the Calls 

Now, this is where we sprinkle in some extra magic dust!  Use a special phone number, called a tracking number, on your yard signs. This isn’t your usual business number but a magic one that helps you know exactly how many people called you because they saw your yard signs! It’s like having a secret spy that tells you how well your yard signs are working!

Imagine knowing exactly how many people saw your signs, thought they were interesting, and decided to call you. Knowing this can make you a smarter wizard because you’ll understand just how powerful your yard signs really are!

The Power of Consistency 

Planting your signs consistently (that means doing it regularly, every week!) is like watering the seeds so they can grow into strong, healthy plants. If one person sees your sign one week, they might forget about it. But if they see it again and again, they’re way more likely to remember you when they need a pressure washing hero!

Being Respectful with Your Sign Garden 

Lastly, always remember to be kind and respectful with where you place your signs. Make sure it’s okay to plant your sign seeds in different spots, and always be ready to move them if needed. Being a good and respectful neighbor makes your pressure washing business shine even brighter in people’s eyes!

And there we have it! By planting 50 yard sign seeds every week, using a tracking number to spy on your success, and keeping things super simple, your pressure washing garden will surely bloom into a spectacular jungle of adventures and new friends!  Are you ready to start planting? Let’s create a forest of sparkling clean together! 

Become a Friendly Face in Online Neighborhoods! 

Being active and engage in social media community and neighborhood groups, where people gather to chat, share, and help each other out – all online is a great way to attract customers! Imagine this as your digital neighborhood where you can make lots of friends and become everyone’s favorite pressure washing wizard. Let’s discover how!

Join the Online Party 

First step: become part of the neighborhood! That means joining social media groups where people from your town or community hang out. Think of Facebook groups named after your city or forums where folks from your area gather to talk. But remember: entering these groups is like stepping into a friendly get-together, not a business meeting!

Be a Helpful Neighbor, Not a Salesperson 

Imagine this: you’re at a party, and someone you’ve never met starts trying to sell you something. Feels a bit weird, right?When you join social media groups, be the friendly neighbor who’s always ready to lend a helping hand, not the person who’s always trying to sell stuff.

Share your wisdom about keeping homes clean, or give tips on how to remove a tricky stain from the driveway. If someone asks for advice about pressure washing, be there with your magical tips, no strings attached!

Sharing Fun and Fascinating Stories 

Everyone loves a good story, especially ones with happy endings and sparkling clean houses! Share tales from your pressure washing adventures. A picture of a once dirty, now sparkling driveway, or a fun story about how you managed to clean a super tough stain can be really entertaining and interesting to read! And remember, it’s not about selling your services but sharing your joy and pride in your work.

Celebrate with Your Neighbors 

Did someone in the group share good news? ?️ A birthday, an anniversary, or a small win? Join in the celebration! Wish them well, and enjoy the happy moment together. Being genuinely friendly and caring makes you a loved member of the community.

Creating Engaging Contest or Events 

Every now and then, why not sprinkle a little extra magic into the group? Organize fun events like a ‘Cleanest Driveway Contest’ or ‘Magical Garden Makeover.’ Engage your neighbors in activities that are fun and also showcase your enchanting cleaning skills! (But remember to check with the group’s rules and admins first!)

A Promise to Be Kind and Respectful 

Always remember to respect everyone in the group and be kind with your words and actions. Each group will have rules and it’s super important to follow them. Being respectful and kind earns you the love and trust of your digital neighborhood.

And voila By being a friendly, helpful, and genuine neighbor in online communities, you’ll not only make wonderful friends but also let people know about your pressure washing magic in the kindest way possible! Ready to spread joy, magic, and cleanliness online? Let’s hop onto this exciting journey together! 

Spin a Web of Friendly Connections with Networking! 

Finally, don’t forget about the power of networking! 

But wait, what is networking? It’s like making a huge spider web of friends where everyone helps each other out! ?️?️ It’s about meeting people, sharing stories, and being a friendly, helpful buddy. Let’s dive into the magical ways you can spin your own web of connections to help your pressure washing business shine brightly!

Meeting New Faces Everywhere You Go

Do you remember when you were a little kid, and you made friends simply by saying hi and playing together? Networking is a lot like that! Every person you meet is a potential friend in your web, whether it’s someone at the grocery store, at the park, or at a community event. Say hello, share smiles, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your next pressure washing adventure!

Become a Helping Wizard

One secret to becoming everyone’s favorite neighborhood wizard is to always be helpful! Whether it’s helping someone carry their groceries, giving a helping hand at community events, or sharing some expert advice on keeping pathways clean, always be ready to sprinkle a little magic with your helpfulness!

Sharing Your Magical Stories

Have you ever noticed how stories of great adventures always get passed around among friends? Be sure to share your own tales from your pressure washing quests! Remember, it’s not about trying to sell your services but about sharing the excitement, fun, and magic you experience every day!

Giving Small Gifts of Magic

Imagine opening your door and finding a little gift, a thank you card, or a friendly note from a friend. Feels special, right? Surprise your new friends and old buddies with little tokens of appreciation, like a discount on their next cleaning, a small free service, or even just a cheerful card!

Joining Wizard Gatherings (Business Events)

Don’t forget to join other gatherings of wizards (also known as business events and meetings) to meet fellow enchanters from different magic disciplines (industries)! Share stories, learn new spells, and maybe find new allies for your next big cleaning quest!

Form a Team of Allies (Partnerships)

Sometimes, adventures call for a team of heroes! Form alliances with other business wizards by creating partnerships. Maybe you can help a painting wizard by cleaning surfaces before they paint, and they can refer you to their customers in return!

Keep Sending Owl Post (Follow-Up)

In the magical world of networking, your owl post (follow-up messages) keeps friendships strong! Send thank you notes after meeting new friends, wish them on holidays, and celebrate their victories to show that you genuinely care.

Always Welcome New Adventures (Be Open-Minded)

Last but not least, always be ready to welcome new adventures with an open heart and mind! Every person you meet and every story you share opens doors to endless possibilities and exciting new quests!

And there you have it, dear wizards! By spinning a web of friendly connections through networking, you’re not only growing your magical pressure washing business but also creating a wonderful world filled with friends, adventures, and lots of sparkling clean fun! Ready to spin your web? Let’s embark on this enchanting journey together! 

I just dropped a boatload of knowledge but it’s important to put these things into action as soon as possible.

Let’s recap:

1. SEO Optimized Website: Build a converting website with WordPress that not only shows off our spells (services) but also helps people far and wide know we’re here to wash their troubles (and dirt) away!

2. Dominate Google Maps: Next, we lit up our beacon on Google Maps, making sure that every seeker of cleaning magic can find us easily! By adding pictures, posts, and gathering stars (reviews) from happy dwellers of clean homes, we ensure our light shines ever so brightly on the map!

3. Use Yard Signs Consistently: With yard signs sprouting like flowers across the land, we carved out a trail for those seeking our pressure washing enchantments. A simple message: “Pressure Washing” and a magical number to call, became our signal, summoning people towards sparkly clean homes and driveways!

4. Be Engaged in social media community and neighborhood groups: Who could forget our joyful twirls through social media community and neighborhood groups? By sharing tales, tips, and celebrating together, we became a cherished part of the community, not as sellers, but as friendly, helpful neighbors!

5. Network: Lastly, we spun our own web of friends and allies through networking, sharing magical stories, offering helping hands, and welcoming every new face as a friend on this thrilling adventure of cleanliness!

These are five magical and actionable ways to enchant new friends and adventurers towards your pressure washing journey spirals to a pause. But fear not! For every end is but a new beginning, and your own adventure is just waiting to unspool! Be brave, be kind, and let your magic ripple through the land, turning every grimy path into a shimmering trail of joy! 

If you need help growing your business, contact DMN8 Partners at https://salvonow.com or call them at 859-757-2252