This thing happened yesterday….

I posted this photo of a messenger conversation from one of my clients yesterday. The text I used to post it said that 2 of our clients are doubling their revenue from last year.

You can go back to the thread and see that I had multiple others say they were as well.

The funny thing that happened is that I had another 20+ email or message me and say that they were either doubling or tripling their revenue from last year! ???

The crazy thing is that almost all of them had at least $150k for 2019’s revenue!


A few were over $400k in 2019. ?

Why? How?

What do they mostly have in common?

Well, there’s a couple of things.

1) They hired us! ?

2) They have committed to growing their business.

3) They use multiple offline marketing methods too (yard signs, etc) to generate leads – If you’re not putting out at least 25 signs weekly, AND your trying to grow your business, WHY NOT?

4) They spend money on ads. Most are spending $1k+ monthly on Google Ads consistently.

5) They wake up every day with a NO EXCUSES MINDSET!

I can help you with #’s 1, 2, 3, & 5.

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If you message me or comment below asking about pricing or what we do, I’m going to ask you to complete that link.

BUT what if you don’t want to hire us AND you want help with #’s 2, 3, & 5?


I wrote a book last year – Dominate Your Market in 90 Days.

It’s a daily guide to follow that gives you specific marketing activities to grow your home service business!

These are ALL offline marketing activities that I used to grow my pressure washing company – We added grew from $150k in annual revenue in our first full year, to over $270k in our second year by mostly following the items I laid out in the book.

Get the book here If you have a kindle, it’s only a couple bucks!

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Either way, Go Crush Your Day Today!

Let’s DMN8!