It can be very frustrating when running Google Ads For Pressure Washing, or PPC, and Google is the only one making money because you’re not getting leads.


Is this your current situation? Have you tried using a “guy” or an agency and they didn’t get good results or any results?


pressure washing google ads


DMN8 Partners has been running ads for pressure washing companies since 2015.  In that time we’ve managed over $1,000,000 in Google ads spend to help pressure washing companies get leads and grow their business.

That’s right! Over $1,000,000 in Google ads spend FOR PRESSURE WASHING COMPANIES ONLY!

What Makes DMN8 Partners The Best Google Ads Partner For Pressure Washing?


First, our Google Ads For Pressure Washing experience. 

Not only has the owner of DMN8 Partners, Gary Geiman, owned a successful pressure washing company (sold it in 2018 to a national buyer after growing to over 7 figures in annual revenue), but we’ve helped over 200 pressure washing companies with Google Ads management since 2015.

Second, Google Ads for pressure washing and keywords. 


We know the keywords that not only trigger clicks but create conversions, or leads, for your pressure washing business.  Our extensive development of keywords and ad groups will bring not good, but great results for your Google Ads campaign.  We don’t have to figure out what might work – we know what will work!  When you hire an agency or a “guy” that’s not familiar with the pressure washing industry, they will go through months of time (and your money) trying to figure out what will or won’t work.

Third, pressure washing Google ads and negative keywords.

We have set up, managed, and optimized campaigns for pressure washing companies since 2015.  In that time, we have developed a massive number of negative keywords that will keep you from paying for clicks that will never lead to leads.  We are continually optimizing campaigns on an every other week basis to make sure your campaign is improving over time.

Fourth, pressure washing leads.

A lead from Google ads can be a phone call or a form that is emailed to you as a result of a Google ad click-through to either your phone or your website. As part of our service, we will set up Google analytics that will track and decipher where your leads are coming from.  You will be provided with a dashboard that will show all of these items in one location.  In addition, this advanced tracking allows us to know which keywords are working for your campaign and which ones aren’t.  This allows us to optimize each keyword so that you’re campaign is giving you the results you require at a cost that keeps your lead cost manageable.

Fifth, we build your Pressure Washing Google Ad Account.

A lot of marketing agencies will run ads for you on “their” platform.  It’s not your ad account so you don’t get the benefit of an aged account or the benefit of the history of the account.  If and when you cancel with them, all of the account information and history is left with them because they own the account.

DMN8 Partners builds your Google ad campaign in your account.  We are just managers.  If you were to fire us, the ad account would stay with you and your company.  This isn’t how most marketing agencies do things, but you’ll find that we aren’t most marketing agencies.

Sixth, Landing Pages on Your Website For your pressure washing Google Ads.

Some marketing agencies will run ads to your website’s home page, or they will build landing pages that they own.  First, never let anyone run ads to a website home page!  That’s a surefire way to waste your money.  Second, we build landing pages on your WordPress website to send Google ads traffic.  Those landing pages are yours just like your ad account.  We know what works when it comes to converting traffic from Google ads to leads.  Having a landing page that is optimized for each ad group is critical to a Google ad campaign’s success.


How Much Should A Google Ads Pressure Washing Lead Cost?


Ideally, a pressure washing lead should cost as little as possible.  When it comes to leads produced from Google ads, this is going to depend on a lot of factors:

  • Competition
  • Geographical area
  • Time of Year
  • Quality Score

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  If the company you’re working with isn’t able to discuss pressure washing lead cost, then maybe they aren’t as familiar with your industry as they act.  We work with our customers to establish a pressure washing lead cost goal. At the end of the day,  we want to help you, our customer, DOMINATE Google Ads!

How Much Should I Be Spending On Google Ads Monthly?


The simple answer is, as much as you can afford.  I know, that doesn’t answer your question.  It comes down to how many leads you want on a monthly basis.

Before we figure out your monthly Google Ads budget, we need to understand your metrics.

What is your closing ratio?  What is your average ticket?

Let’s say your closing ratio is 50% and your average ticket is $500 and you want to produce $20k in revenue from Google ads, based on a $35 average lead cost, you would need to spend approximately $2,800, give or take, to achieve that level of revenue with Google ads.  Obviously, the lifetime value of a customer comes into play also.  So if it takes 2 leads to create a customer, and let’s say a customer buys from you 3 times in a 5-year period, your investment of $70 has created $1,500+ in revenue from that client in the first 5 years.

This is why, as a pressure washing company, you need to be running Google ads!

What Services Does Our Google Ads Campaign Include?


Typically, our Pressure Washing Google Ads Campaign includes ad groups for pressure washing, house washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and deck cleaning.  If you do fleet washing, we also have an ad group for that.  Each ad group will have its own landing page that we will create and make part of your WordPress website.

(Don’t have WordPress? Don’t worry we will either convert your site or build you a WordPress website that is yours!)

Let DMN8 Partners Help You Dominate Pressure Washing Google Ads!

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