10 Things To Do To Rank at the Top of Google Maps for Roofing In Your Market

Google Maps for Roofing

Every business or company looks forward to having their business appearing on Google Maps Search Results. When you have your business on Google Maps, it simply means you have a higher chance of appearing on the organic search results.

This clearly indicates the importance of optimizing your Google Maps listing, but here comes the most important question – how can you rank higher on Google Maps?

Seeing the tough competition to rank higher, things become even more complicated. But, don’t worry if you too are stuck with the same question. We are here for you.

In this post, we will share with you the top 10 things you can do to rank higher at the top of Google Maps for roofing in your marketing. Before we jump to the tips and strategies, it is important to see what exactly does a Google Map ranking means.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Briefly speaking, Google Maps marketing is the method of using the functionality of Google Maps to make your business more visible on the web. Even though this is a very powerful and helpful tool for large companies, it is an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of smaller businesses.

But, Google Maps marketing isn’t just about being visible on the web, it is also concerned about positioning, and not just that of your store. When you use it strategically and correctly, you can drive fruitful results.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business gives the business owners a chance to list their business location on Google Maps and appear in the local search results.

Business owners can use it to share important information about the company such as the opening and closing hours, contact details, link to the website, their physical store address, and much more.

In the latest updates by Google, business owners can also share a link to articles or upcoming events.

In addition to that, this listing is completely free of cost and should be considered a necessity by all business owners. If you are running an online business and don’t have any physical locations, you should still consider implementing Google Maps ranking in your digital marketing strategy of the roofing market.

Factors On Which Google Maps Ranking Depends

Some of the important factors on which Google Maps ranking depends are:

  • Proximity

It is basically the distance between you and the person looking up on Google for a particular thing. If the distance between you two is lesser, you are likely to appear higher in the searches. Here is a thing about this factor. It cannot be optimized by you or your competitors to get a higher rank.

  • Reviews

The reviews on your Google My Business Profile also play a key role in your rankings. The more good reviews you have on your profile, the more likely you are to get a higher rank and vice versa. The customers are also going to trust you more when you have so many good reviews on your Google My Business profile.

  • Relevance

Another major factor that plays an important role in your rankings is how relevant you are to the person looking for something online. If you are of not much relevance, chances are lower of your business listing appearing in the top results.

  • The information on your profile

Google also sees the information that you have entered on your profile – how accurate and correct it is. It also sees whether you have completely optimized your profile or not. Therefore, it is important that you don’t leave the profile incomplete.

Wondering why there is so much hype about Google My Business when there are so many other tools to bring traffic to your website. One of the reasons is that it is completely free of cost. Another reason to have a Google My Business Profile is listed below.

Why Rank Higher On Google Maps?

For businesses that have a physical location or store, it is important that they optimize the online presence for local SEO prominence. It will help them grow their business to greater heights – both offline and online.

Here is an important fact to consider. Google users generally lookup for something through their mobiles. And, around 30 percent of all mobile searches have location-driven intent.

In addition to that, around 76 percent of the individuals who look for something on Google visit the business within a day. Out of those local searches that come up, 28 percent end in a purchase.

So, we can conclude that appearing in a search result will directly lead to traffic – both offline and online. It is one of the most powerful tools used by businesses across the world to increase their organic visibility.

However, if your business does not appear in the top 3 results, you are not likely to get any traffic or paying customers. Here is another fact to support what we just said – 92% of the Google searchers never go to the second page of the local search results!

This clearly indicates the importance of being on the first page of the search result. That’s why you need to optimize your profile in order to be on the first page of the local search results.

Now that you have a brief of what a Google Map listing is and why you need to consider it in your online marketing strategy, let’s dive into the methods to boost your rankings.

Google Maps

10 Things To Do To Rank At The Top Of Google Maps

1. Add Your Business To Google Maps

Let’s start with a common fact. When you don’t have a roofing Google Maps listing, how will you rank higher? So, to begin with, you need to create a Google Maps listing. if you already have created one, jump to the next tip. If you haven’t, here are the steps to create one:

Step #1: Visit google.com/maps or open the roofing Google Maps application on your phone and search for your business name.

Step #2: If you can see your business name along with the location appearing in the list, you already have a listing. You can move on to the next step.

Step #3: If your business name is not visible, you can add one by clicking on ‘add a missing place.” Once you click on it, you will be asked to enter your name, category, and location.

There you go, you now have a roofing Google Maps listing ready. Move on to the next set of tips to boost your ranking.

2. Enter Complete Information

Your next goal is to provide complete and accurate information to your customers. The more properly you convey the information, the more likely your ranking will boost. In fact, local results favor the most relevant results for every search made by a user.

Therefore, businesses that have published complete and correct information about them are easier to match with the right searches.

Here is another important thing to keep in mind. Just sharing the information is not enough. You need to make sure that the information you provide is up to date as your business changes.

Try to enter complete information about your business in Google My Business profile so that your users are aware of what you do, your services, your products, where you are located, and when they can visit you.

Information like, but not limited to, the following will help boost your rankings:

  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Category
  • Attributes
  • Working hours

Check your Google My Business Profile now to see if you have entered the complete and accurate information or not!

3. Build Niche Citations

We know you have just started exploring and might be wondering what is a citation?

Don’t worry! We will explain everything to you.

A citation is basically a record of your NAP, that is your business name, address, and phone number. And in some cases, it also includes your website URL for relevant searches.

Google makes use of these citations so as to validate your business location. Therefore, you can think of these citations as similar to the backlinks in your organic SEO strategy.

The more relevant these citation sources are, the more boost you will get in your roofing Google Maps rankings.

Here is a recommendation from our side. You can go granular with your citations.

That means you can find websites and directories that are specific to your location or targeted to your specific business category.

For instance, you run a local bakery in New York City, then publishing your bakery’s NAP on sources that are relevant to your location or your niche can boost the relevant factor and enhance the overall location authority.

The more location authority you get for your business, the higher you will appear in the roofing Google Maps rankings.

4. Get Reviews Or Rather Keyword Rich Reviews

As a business owner, you must never underestimate the value of reviews. They really influence the buying decisions of your potential customers. If you have a lot of good reviews on your Google My Business profile, it will automatically boost the confidence and trust of potential customers in you.

In addition to that, Google also pushes the ranking of a business profile that has got more positive feedback from the existing customers. So, if you haven’t yet started taking feedback from your customers, it’s high time that you initiate the process.

Here is a tip to do it conveniently.

Upon the completion of your services, you can give your customer a ‘customer satisfaction survey.’ It could be a simple one with checkboxes. It can ask about the services you offered, their experience with your brand, and other such questions.

It will help your customers in using niche-specific keywords in their reviews. When they mention your services, they are indirectly adding the keywords which will later appear in the roofing Google Maps results.

So, you can add more value to your business by encouraging keyword-specific reviews from your existing customers.

5. Respond to customer reviews

Google has confirmed that responding to customers reviews plays a key role in boosting the roofing Google Maps rankings. This is for obvious reasons. When you respond to your customer reviews, you are showing that you care about them and how their experience with your business or product was.

In case it is positive feedback, you can take the time to thank the customer for leaving a good feedback. If it is negative feedback, you can apologize to them and assure them such a failure won’t happen again.

Try responding to this feedback in a timely manner so that your customers know that you are around to listen to what they have to say about your business.

6. Fight Off Google My Business Spam In The Map

This trick is less of optimizing your Google My Business, but more of a tactic to boost the rankings. It is extremely powerful because, unlike other GMB optimizations, here the goal is not to do something better than your competitors but to remove the competitors who are trying to cheat their ways to get a higher ranking in the roofing Google Maps ranking.

Wondering how powerful this approach is? Very!

Fight Off Google My Business Spam In The Map

When you see the above rankings, all of them look legitimate at first glance. But, if you investigate a little deeper, you can quickly identify that a few of them are fake.

Some of them don’t have a website and links to Nerdwallet, which some have fake reviews, and others have fake addresses.

Now, just assume you are DCAP Insurance (a real company in the above example) and you want to rank higher in this search. To rank higher, you need to remove the top spam results. It will help you jump to the number 1 position without doing any optimizations.

Want to know how you can remove or edit these spam listings?

It’s simple.

Create a list of listings you find and note down the edits you feel are necessary. Now, go to Google Maps, look for the listings, and click on ‘Suggest an Edit.’

You can choose from either ‘change name or other details’ or ‘remove this place’.

However, submitting an edit does not mean that it is gone. Therefore, the best way to handle the spam listings is through Google’s Business Redressal Complaint Form.

You can take the help of this medium to remove the spam listings by offering proper evidence about your claim.

Isn’t it a nice approach to get to the top of the search results without working on optimization?

7. Add High-Quality Photos To Your Profile

When you add high-quality photos to your Google My Business profile, you are sharing more information about your business or product with your customers.

It is another amazing way to set yourself apart from your competition in a healthier way.

We suggest you must add at least 5 high-quality photos related to your business or product or service on your profile.

You can use this tool to share your business space, your team, or even your work with other clients.

Wondering how to add photos to your Google My Business profile?

Just go to the Photos tab from the left-hand menu and you will see an option to add photos and videos to your profile.

You can even categorize the photos into different sections. For instance, you can add photos in categories called ‘Exterior’, ‘At work’, ‘Team’, etc.

Moreover, customers can also add photos while reviewing your business. It will be added to your profile so that other customers can have a look at them too. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

8. Maximize Your Buttons

Wondering what this tip means? Let us explain.

Buttons can be made up as a request for a quote, or a call, or directions, save, and website. You can add these buttons to your website by simply adding relevant information to the listing in your Google my Business.

If you want to add the ‘request a quote’ button for business inquiries, you need to download the Google My Business app on your phone. You might have got an email message asking for a quote.

If you don’t have it, you are missing out on something very important.

Once you have the ‘request a quote button’, you need to ensure that you respond quickly to a quote. Google considers the time you take to respond to the quote while ranking you in the listings. If you don’t reply to the quote on time, it will leave a negative impression on Google and also your rankings.

Another pro tip for you. Ensure that your business’s opening and closing times are correctly mentioned on your Google My Business Profile. This will help customers know that you are available to respond to their quotes.

9. Invest In Local Search Ads

In case you don’t know, local search ads are a great way to take your business to the top results and boost your revenue.

The main goal of these ads is to drive more local store visits and enhance the foot traffic for your local business.

When a business or company uses paid ads on Google Maps, customers can see their listing at the top with the word ‘ad’ attached to it. This is an indication that the business has paid for an ad to get in the search results.

There are two kinds of local search ads:

  • Paid ads

These paid ads are nothing but your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. They appear at the top with the word ‘ad’ attached to them. They boost your ranking in the local search results but you pay for your listing to be at the top.

  • Promoted pins

Promoted pins are also a form of paid advertisement that businesses use to boost their rankings in search results. These appear at the top results with a purple ad box and pin on the map. However, these ads appear only on a mobile.

Both of them are a great way to bring in more traffic and physical visits to your business.

10. Evaluate Your Roofing Google Maps Ranking Consistently

Just updating and posting is not enough! You need to closely monitor the roofing Google Maps ranking on a regular basis to see if they are improving or not.

If you feel the rankings are consistently low, it clearly indicates that there is something missing that needs to be done. You also need to keep an eye on your business more often to boost the rankings through:

  • Analyzing the business citations that show up above you in the roofing Google Maps ranking. See where they are listing their business and try to list in that directory.
  • You can also try using the link-building platforms available in the market to push the rankings. However, keep in mind that you only connect the genuine web pages to your Google My Business profile.
  • Another thing to check is whether the business listing is accurately present on Google Maps or not.
  • If you want, you can also add your business listing on third-party sources such as YellowPages. It will help you build a commendable online presence.
  • In case your business is relatively newer, you can try availing citation building services from verified firms offering Google My Business services.

Wrapping Up

Local SEO is all about knowing where you stand in terms of your rankings on Google Maps. Therefore, you need to fully optimize your Google My Business profile to appear on the top results.

The ten things mentioned above will help you take your online rankings to a higher position, thereby getting more traffic and eventually more sales. After all, money is the crux behind all this hard work. Keep a close eye on how your listings are performing so that you can make changes accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with Google My Business.

If you need help with your Google Maps ranking, Google Ads management, or even website development for your junk removal company, contact DMN8 Partners by phone (859)757-2252 or visit our website https://salvonow.com/roofer. We help roofing companies DOMINATE their market.