7 Tips to Rank at the Top of Google Maps for Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Both Google Maps and Google My Business are necessary marketing tools for your business to rank well on Google. If you run a local business in a specific area and want to generate new leads and improve your rankings, you must demonstrate to Google that your business is operational. To avoid being detected by Google, you must be present everywhere.

If your company’s goal is to generate pressure washing leads, you’ll need our DMN8 Google Map Ranking Services to help you get your pressure washing ranking higher to the top of the search results.

Have you seen it yet? Is your local business listed on Google Maps? Or perhaps you haven’t yet registered your business on Google Maps and Google My Business.

For comparison purposes, let’s look at such a local business that offers pressure washing services.

Google Maps, in conjunction with Google My Business, is an SEO tool that will boost the visibility of your local business.

It can help you get quality pressure washing leads if that’s what you’re aiming for, and it can also help you get your business of pressure washing ranking in Google Maps’ local 3-pack, all for free!

How do you know if your company is listed on Google Maps? What is the right approach to get high-quality pressure washing leads?

You can see whether or not your company is listed on Google Maps. Add “google maps” to your google search bar and type in your “business name” or “category”.

For instance, if you own a pressure washing business that serves two local areas, you would type “pressure washing – google maps” and hit enter.

There will be a map image detecting your current location in relation to the location of the pressure washing businesses. And if your business name appears with name, address, and phone number in the Google Maps search results, you’re on it.

And if not, don’t worry; just stick with us until the end.

Now there is a question of where you see your company listed? It’s on the fourth or seventh? And what are Google Maps’ first three search results?

Google maps showing the first 3 results are called a local 3-pack. These are businesses that share the same location as yours.

And because of factors such as the local SEO along with Google maps, google my business optimization, on-page SEO factors like page optimization, building links, citations, reviews, ratings. There’s a lot and there’s a lot more!

So answering the second part of the question, what if your business does not show up results in Google Maps?

This could be due to one of two factors.

The first reason is that you have not yet registered your business in Google Maps, and the second reason is that even if you have, it does not appear in the list due to a lack of optimization.

[While your company is not harnessing Local SEO factors, you are losing quality pressure washing leads as well as pressure washing ranking at the top of Google Maps]

In this article, you will learn about the most significant factors when ranking pressure washing services.

What Is Google Maps And What Is Google Maps Ranking?

Similar to when you order a pizza from any platform or app, the app which already knows your location fetches the names of local restaurants based on your location preferences. Businesses can also register themselves in the Google Maps app so that users and consumers can find them based on their geo-location. Quite simple isn’t it.

Now, instead of food and a local restaurant, consider your pressure washing services. To get pressure washing leads and ranking, your business must be listed in the Google Maps Application.

So, why does your pressure washing business require Google Maps Ranking?

[Get high-quality pressure-washing leads by showing up in Google’s local 3-pack for pressure-washing services]

Local Businesses must register their business NAP on Google Maps. Pressure washing services, like the previous restaurant example, are primarily location-specific businesses because you provide services at local areas such as offices, houses, and other local places.

So, presumably, there is a user looking for pressure washing services in the area where your business is located. If your business is properly listed and optimized for that area, he will open the Google Maps app and type in pressure washing services, and Google will show results that will lead him to you. You can get pressure washing leads by ranking for pressure washing service.

[Users these days don’t even use the Google search option; instead, they go directly to the Google Maps app and type in what they are looking for]

Google Maps

What Is Google My Business And How To Optimize It?

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s method of registering a business in its archive. You have yelp and yellow pages, for instance.

If you own a small business, this is a must-have. Even if you don’t have a local business, having a Google directory is a step in the right direction for improving your Google ranking.

It’s akin to informing Google that you have a business. So, the first step is to create a NAP for your business on Google My Business, then fill in all of the information needed such as category, attribute, business hours and days, description, and so on.

After that, Google will either send a postcard or call your business’s phone number to verify its address.

Once verified, Google will register your business, and you’re done.

Now, you want to see if your pressure washing business is listed, simply type in your service name and see if you are. Because Google My Business is linked to Google Maps, that is how a  local ranking for pressure washing appears!

After verification, we’ll move on to optimization, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Why Does A Business Need Local Seo Optimization?

The behavior of users and consumers is demonstrated by research. Google values its audience above all else. It was discovered that 67 percent of Google users did not care about anything other than the first three results on the Google SERP.

If you want to get pressure washing leads, you must be listed in the local Google Maps SERP 3-pack listings.

Local SEO or ranking factors are critical for any business seeking to rank on Google. The higher the ranking, the greater the conversion. If you want to rank higher on Google for a local business, such as “pressure washing service,” you should be using Local SEO factors.

Google optimization for GMB and Google Maps is the first step in getting your business of pressure washing ranking high on Google Search Engine.

There are far too many competitors in the market vying for the top three spots in Google’s SERP. Your business may not be found if your website is not optimized. Optimize it!

Just as you want to get your business of pressure washing ranking to the top of Google Maps, there are many other businesses offering similar services like yours that are vying for the same spot.

If you want your pressure washing service to outperform the competition, you must have a strong Local SEO strategy.

7 tips for ranking at the top of Google Maps in order to boost your pressure washing ranking and generate quality pressure washing leads

Google maps optimization + website optimization seem to be two examples of Local SEO optimization.

Add Your Business On Google Maps

There is only one way to do it. Create a free Google My Business account to add your business to Google Maps. Verify your company’s location and add it to the map. Select the option “own this business” and follow the on-screen instructions.

The next step is to add your business information once you’ve been added to the map and connected to GMB.

It goes beyond simply adding information such as business hours, a description, photos, and postings.

Use business-specific keywords like “pressure washing,” “pressure washing services,” and so on when describing your company. Mention the location and area in particular.

Subcategories, products, attributes, phone numbers, areas, and so on can all be added. All of this can be found on the left-hand “info” tab.

Use area-code phone numbers and mobile numbers to help pinpoint the location.

Post Photos, Get Reviews And Ratings

While you are finished with all of the verbal information about your pressure washing business that has been keyword optimized.

Now it is time for you to make your first post. Post photos of your service stations, your work, and your geographic area.

Mention your location and service name in the description so that Google recognizes you as an active business. For example, write “pressure washing and then the name of your location.”

If you have previously served your customers before going live on Google, send them your GMB link and request a review. Be wary of negative feedback and deal with it skillfully. You can also request that they rate your services! All of these optimization techniques will aid in achieving a higher pressure washing ranking.

Pressure washing rankings can give you lots of pressure washing leads.

You can get more qualified pressure washing leads once consumers see your pressure washing ranking shift in Google SERPs and see how many people have recommended your service as the “best pressure washing service in town.” 

Reviews And Ratings

Add Subcategories To Google My Business

You can do so much with Google My Business to get ranked and into Google’s good side. While your business may have many subcategories, such as if you provide different types of services in different locations. For example, suppose you are branded “ABC,” and your services include car washing in XYZ locations.

Business Name: ABC car wash

Sub-Category: Car Wash

Business Name: ABC interiors

Sub-category: House interiors

Adding subcategories to Google My business can quickly set aside your business from others and this way Google Maps for your pressure washing ranking can get way ahead.

Website Optimization

While it is possible to optimize Google maps for pressure washing ranking within GMB, it is also possible to optimize it beyond.

For example, Google SERP only ranks websites that meet certain “on-page SEO criteria.” The landing page or homepage of your website serves as your company’s brand identity.

Adding local business schema markup at the backend of your website page, which is HTML and javascript structural code. When you add schema makeup to your site, you’re telling Google that your site, brand, service, and local area are all of those.

This will send a high-quality signal to Google about your website, potentially resulting in quality backlinks and pressure-washing leads for your business. It is a significant Local SEO factor in obtaining a high ranking for your pressure washing company.

Adding business and location keywords is the first thing you should do when you are getting ready to launch your website. Adding keywords to your homepage’s H1 tag or title tag, as well as descriptions and keywords, can help your pressure washing ranking higher in Google’s SERP.

Add NAP of your business on the homepage of your website, and service pages, so that Google Bots can read your website and understand your service and its location. Your NAP for business should appear on every page of your website, alongside other content. Make sure your NAP details are consistent across the board so you don’t lose the authenticity mark.

[About Web Crawlers and Google Bots: Different search engines, directories, and websites often use small codes to read website pages. Your website’s source code page is what they’re seeing to get a sense of what your website is like. This is the primary reason why SEO is critical for any business.]

Google and other search engines evaluate the content quality and text-to-HTML ratio of your website to determine whether it is suitable for ranking. These are said to be SEO protocols that must be followed for any business, including your business of pressure washing ranking higher.

Local Citations And High Da Links

Local citations are niche category pages or directories where you can submit your company’s information in exchange for a high-quality backlink. These pages are available for free or for a fee.

Enter “your business” + “directory” to find a niche category for your company. Several results or a list of websites that register businesses based on their niche will appear.

Find websites related to your business and location to get better pressure washing leads from those visitors.

Google takes a helicopter view of the websites. It takes a look at which websites are performing well in terms of reviews and ratings, how many backlinks they have, website content, and a range of other factors.

As you work on these local SEO factors, your chances of generating high-pressure washing leads and ranking higher increase as your business’s position in Google Maps and SERPs improves.

Amongst these factors, those domains which have high authority meaning those whose domain score is higher, getting backlinks from them can authorize and qualify your website that will help in increasing pressure washing ranking.

Guest Blogging

Your company blog pages are your most powerful storytelling tools. If you are very informed about your pressure washing business, use it to assist others who are in need of such services.

Assume you’ve written a blog titled “5 Reasons to Do an Emergency Pressure Washing of Your House.” There, you can specify why consumers should have their house power washed every 6 months or so.

Once you’ve finished writing your blog, go to Google and search for “pressure washing” + write for us or “pressure washing” guest blog.

Prepare to pitch your blog in your blog about why they need your blog on their website and what value it will add to their audience, and then ask for a backlink.

Although it may take months to receive a response from them, these are worth a shot and, of course, these are high-quality backlinks.

Keyword Planner

pressure washing services

Google has made a free keyword planner available as a Chrome extension. Keywords are the foundation upon which website SEO is built.

If we had to pick one SEO tactic from a list of many, this would be it. If you have a website and have not yet keyword-optimized your content, you should do so right away!

In the case of Google Maps, optimizing your business description with keywords can again bring you quality leads for pressure washing services.

Now, how do we find keywords that will help pressure washing ranking higher in Google SERPs?

Google, for one, has provided the solution. Autosuggest from Google!

Navigate to Google. Type whatever you want, such as “pressure washing services…” and wait for Google to finish what you’ve been typing.

You’ll notice a lot of suggestions that people have already typed into.
Use them as you plan to work on your website’s content.

Moz, Keyword Shitter, and Neil Patel are some of the better platforms for keyword planners. There are numerous tools available to help you generate keywords for your business.

Once you have a local three-pack ranking for pressure washing, optimizing Google Maps and Google My Business can help you generate quality leads for pressure washing services.

These are the top 7 tips for ranking local services like pressure washing at the top of Google SERPs.

But we’re not going to leave you with just those7 tips for generating high-quality pressure washing leads.

We understand what it takes to be at the top of Google Maps for pressure washing ranking services.

Here are the key takeaways and other interesting factoids for gaining valuable pressure washing leads.

Key Takeaway Points

When you’re finished with website optimization, connect your Google My Business and Google Maps accounts to your website in order to get pressure washing ranking at the top of Google SERPs. Embed Google Maps on your website.

Mobile phones account for more than half of all Google searches, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Another way to get quality pressure washing leads is to get reviews and ratings from all of the business directories after registering your business there.

Users prefer websites that open faster, which are known as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, work efficiently, and have a pleasant UI/Ux overall.

Always use metadata to describe the location in your website’s backend.

Optimize your website images after going to the image attribute section to get quality pressure washing leads and to get pressure washing ranking at the top of Google Maps ranking.

From the backend, add your company’s name and location to each image. This is called image optimization.

These are the 7 most important tips for ranking local services like pressure washing at the top of Google SERPs.

Ranking higher or being in the local 3-pack of Google Maps also guarantees you the number one spot on Google’s first page.

If your business pressure washing ranking is at the top of Google Maps, it means you are at the top of Google for all pressure washing services in that area.

This will provide you with high-quality pressure washing leads. We at DMN8 work hard to bring you closer to your valued customers. Google Maps Ranking is a powerful marketing tool for your local business.

Consumers today want faster results, whether it’s with food delivery or a service like pressure washing. Gone are the days when they would Google something.

They will now simply open their smartphone and use the Google Maps Navigation app to search for services.

If you need help with your Google Maps ranking, Google Ads management, or even website development for your pressure washing company, contact DMN8 Partners by phone (859) 757-2252 or visit our website https://salvonow.com/pressure-washing. We help pressure washing companies DOMINATE their market.